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Dry Stone walls, fish pond, paving

An amazing construction and creative endeavor with the owners being involved in all facets of this project. The experience as a engineering concept through to a building in its own right has benefited the owners, and importantly is what makes my work such a joy. ​

the pond wide.jpg
Rosemary finished.jpg


Project completion 

The pleasing result uses a mixture of recycled and new pavers built on side of a hill and laid on a solid concrete base 

Rosemary's paved viewing deck


A Creative Mind

Glenn Auchinachie believes each new project is an opportunity to learn something different and expand their skills.

The desire to keep reinventing their craft and to push their abilities to their limits keeps their work fresh and unique. Take the time to fully explore their Artisan Portfolio and get a real sense of what they can do and bring to interested clients. 

Rosemary's Garden is another such journey with Rosemary and her husband, Rodger Glenn has built a dream to add to their fantastic property. Our new project is a viewing deck overlooking the hills and surrounding areas, and we are happy to say the owners are thrilled. Head over to Pinterest for how this was achieved. 

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