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Projects we loved


We had an amazing year.  A Studio for a local artist and also a beautiful paving project that will take the owners on new directions in their back garden.

Interestingly the majority of enquires and requests are for "Tiny Houses" or "Backyard Studio's". This is exciting for us to show how quality carpentry with creative inspirations can work together.  All in all a nice support for our water features ponds and paving work. With so much happening we have created content on You Tube with step by step guidance to achieve these looks and more for your garden designs. 

Rosemary's garden_20220603_132112.jpg
Image-place-holder (1).png
Balancing Rocks
Sandy TNStillV020_edited.jpg

  Weekly step by step episodes are now available showcasing the addition of sandstone flagstone for a walkway and stair, as well as floating seating to the existing deck.

Floor Plan


Locked up January 2023, our newest project was a unique space built for a couple whose goal is to provide a warm, quiet space for their friends and visitors when staying at their home in the township of Fish Creek.

 Using block concrete for foundations, soundproofing and upcycled doors and windows, "The Shed" added interest and a welcoming place for the owners and their friends So much so we have three more to build !

20221201_092220 Marg locked up_edited.jpg
Ceramic Tiles

Believe it or not this is outdoors. 

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