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Artisan Way is dedicated to helping you create the perfect landscape for your home. With our expert guidance, you can achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of. To get started, check out our weekly YouTube episodes that provide step-by-step instructions on landscape design.


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Glenn is an incredibly talented landscaper with an even better backstory that he will share if you ask. Not being blindsided by the primary goal of showing viewers how to make things for home gardens, he overcame some tough challenges with natural flair and is now on a mission to spread mental health awareness through his work. With a successful career as a visual artist and successful career in the USA as a sound designer, Glenn has taken up a new challenge: as a landscaper, his first love, he is booked out months ahead and keen to create a community of like-minded people on his new YouTube channel.


Our audience, we hope, is interested in learning and teaching how to construct and promote good mental health gently and sensitively. We would love to hear from you! Join us as we take you on a journey to landscape building and construction.


Our playlist is packed with tips and tricks to help you achieve the garden and outdoor living space of your dreams.


We've got you covered with step-by-step viewing of lay paving and pathways. retaining walls, using tiles, natural stones, concrete, and timber.


Our weekly episodes provide the perfect backdrop for help designing front-to-back garden landscapes, all while having fun and enjoying the process. A retaining wall is a complex construction that requires careful planning and execution.


 We specialise in creating how-to content for landscapes that include upcoming episodes of water features and designing retaining wall features for both landscapes and home improvements. Our projects are designed with the environment in mind, and we take pride in recycling and reusing materials, including leftover concrete. Some of our projects can take months to complete; however, we publish a step-by-step guide on how we meet client expectations, engineer long-lasting outdoor features, and remain creative while facing challenges from the elements and job site access.


We publish every Saturday, so you will not miss an episode! Follow the journey!

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