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Glenn is a passionate stonemason, and carpenter who is inspired by building handmade functional though creative, retaining walls, waterfalls for your garden, natural swimming ponds, studios and courtyard paving and carpentry projects for your outdoor experience. 

Glenn has been building with stone, concrete and timber since leaving art school in the early 80's.  His initial career was in sound design which took him to USA for over 20 years While living with burnout from being in dark rooms and significant stress his passion remained in working with stone.

Eventually, a chance meeting provided the opportunity to work with a fellow artist in the USA where they teamed up for specialty projects building garden ponds and redesigning Californian clients home gardens with stone, timber and steel. 

Back in Australia and after a few odd jobs, including fabricating windows and doors, Glenn was offered employment as a maintenance contractor with a global adventure camp in Gippsland. This led him to Sandy Point with a new career and a three-year project building a stone retaining wall for a fellow creator and fastidious client. 

Since his transition to a full-time self-employed contractor, Glenn has been dedicated to making beautiful stone walls, paving, landscapes, building and renovating fish and frog ponds, making safe and attractive retaining walls, home carpentry needs and garden redesign using concrete, timber or steel.  Glenn likes to collaborate with the client throughout the building and is inspired by organic and natural processes that create the foundation for a unique structure and the client's own piece of paradise. 

To find out more about Glenn and his team, spend some time browsing our portfolio of works on the following pages or head over to our linked social media for updates on current projects. We welcome your comments. 

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